An American Hero

have to relive such horrors of war. He shares his experiences, lessons and
humor along with the trials he has endured. In fact, he credits humor for
what got him through such harrowing events…

...locked in a closet for three days with a corpse, stench and all. a medic, he still has nightmares of men whose limbs were
amputated with improper surgical tools (with no formal training
on such procedures). a "Man of Confidence"for the Lazarett (hospital) prisoners,
when he went underground and was regularly passed information
from a woman he thought to have been the wife of a German

Sy was also involved with Alphonse De la Haye, the camp underground
leader that aided the French in escapes and espionage.

Brenner later learned of the amazing intuition of his mother when she had
a heart attack while calling out his name. Without any incident being
reported to her, It happened the same night he was struck and presumed
dead, yet really wounded and captured in Germany.  

Walking his talk in his mission to educate others in the facts, affects
and the need for 100% coverage for soldiers with PTS, Brenner
speaks to groups of all sizes and kinds.

Additionally, he has written (possibly) the most compelling
book on this
topic you’ll ever read.

Awards and Honorable Mentions

Honorary TOP GUN by the Naval Air Force Fighting Checkmates
Prisoner of War Award from the State of California for his             

Medals, just to name a few...

Purple Heart
Bronze Star
Prisoner of War (more listed on About Sy page)
Get to know Sy!
Sy is like the man with nine lives. He has survived two strokes, cancer, a
pace maker, macular degeneration, diabetes, post traumatic stress and his
practical joking family. However, he is human.

Not only is he a rare commodity in his own right, in June, he'll be
92 years old...
so, don't wait - Contact Sy today and arrange now for him to
speak to your group. You won't be disappointed!

Breaking news: Sy has traded in his wheel chair for calisthenics and walking
with his cane. This is part of his regimen to continue with the  speaker
circuit. Don't let his age deceive you!

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    "It's unacceptable for soldiers coming back from war today to go through the lifetime of
    despair of soldiers from previous wars. There is no excuse to turn a blind eye or live
    under the 'guise' of ignorance  at the expense of those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    There have been too many ruined lives, too many unnecessary suicides and there is too
    much evidence to support that PTSD is a very real and devastating
    condition."                                                                                        - Sy Brenner
United States Marine Corps
Camp Pendleton, California 92055-5010

Department of Defense Seal
for United States of America                                                    

Dear Mr. Brenner,

Your class was by far the most informative class that our Marines attended during the day.

The critique sheets completed by each Marine at the end of the day reflects that your presentation
was the highlight of their day.

We especially enjoyed your war memorabilia which was extremely educational.

Your presentation reflects the many sacrifices you made for God and country, and I can assure you
that your heroic actions have earned your admiration.

You have helped instill in our Marines a renewal of their commitment to train, to prepare for the
hardships of war. Your extraordinary presentation was truly inspirational for myself and my Marines.

Thank you once again for sharing your experiences with us for the second time.

P.S. Graham, Lieutenant Colonel,
US Marine Corps
Commanding Officer    
Sy Brenner - Speaker, Author and ex-POW of WWll
The Faces and Phases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sy Brenner is an exPOW from WWll, an 'accidental' expert in Post
Traumatic Stress (P.T.S.), and a humorist. He gives his wit and wisdom
with open heart and reality as a gifted... friends. This aides in acceptance
and understanding of the realities of PTS for them all...
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Speaker -  POW Experiences, PTS, The Underground
Author - The Night I Got Killed
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Exposure to Brenner's message is vital for soldiers, their families and friends.
This aides in acceptance and understanding of the realities of PTS for them all...